Revenue & Income (USD)
Revenue Operating Income Net Income (Loss) before Tax Exchange Rate (TWD/USD)
1 38,380,069 10,511,950 4,820,714 30.824
2 34,193,313 8,558,138 4,147,241 30.812
Accumulated 72,573,382 19,070,088 8,967,955 30.818

  Revenue & Income (TWD / In Thousands)
Revenue Operating Income Net Income (Loss) before Tax Exchange Rate (TWD/USD)
1 1,183,027 324,020 148,593 30.824
2 1,053,565 263,692 127,784 30.812
Accumulated 2,236,566 587,702 276,374 30.818

Notes on Compilation
1.We adopt IFRS.
2.Our functional currency is US Dollar. The representation of TWD figures are calculated based on the average exchange rate of the relevant period. Evaluation gain or loss is calculated based on the month end exchange rate.
3.Rate of change is calculated with USD figures.
4.Earning per share is calculated based on weighted average of outstanding shares.
5.Depreciation and crew wage costs are calculated on a monthly basis, but revenue is calculated on incurred basis by day. Hence the calendar days of each month could slightly affect revenue and operating profits.
6.The lubricant oil expenses is estimated monthly and adjusted according to inventory check on a quarterly frequency.
7.The duration of each vessel might differ according to size, condition and specifications. Modern new buildings now are normally depreciated on a 25 year duration.
8.The earning release is based on unaudited provisional account.